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    • Alfonx on June 19, 2017 at 8:46 pm

    Hello Hiscorebob!

    Great bag – filled with great things 🙂 I feel good now. Because i see: i am not the only freak on this planet who’s packing a separate “retro bag” for Weekend/Holiday Trips. This is always the most(!) important bag of our luggage.

    Years ago i bought an GPD G5A (running an 64GB sdcard). I take my GPD G5A with me at Weekends/Holiday Trips. Most time i play retrogames directly on my GPD G5A but i can connect it to a TV via HDMI and use an OTG-USB Cable for my snes-USB-Adapter connected with two original SNES Gamepads 🙂 I am using this device for atari, snes, nes, c64, dreamcast, MAME, DOSBOX (installed Windows 3.1 🙂 🙂 – its running in Fullscreen on my Android-Device), …
    And you can play your favorite Retrogames in your bathtub! Or at the Pool.
    Sometimes i play Bomberfriends on Android because of the Multiplayer-Thrill. The only thing i am sad about is the lack of Amiga-Gamebase/fs-uae arcade or c64-Gamebase GUI. On PC/mac its really nice to see the Screenshots/Information and start a game with one mouseclick. On my GPD i have to choose a .d64/zip and start it. But i dont see the Screenshot/boxart…

    But since a few weeks i own an Raspi3b and trying to setup everything i prefer (nes, snes, atari 2600/7800, sega mastersystem, n64, c64 (gamebase 14), Amiga, MAME (0.78)).
    But this seems to be hard work – it seems c64, Amiga, Mame (incl. Filtering Games) is not easy to setup to get a platform/GUI like Gamebase64 – i wonder why…. But i keep trying and i hope one day i will see all of my fav devices and Games on ONE Screen.
    For now i am using lakka. But i am not really shure which platform is the best for my goal….
    Did you ever integrate c64, Amiga to your “Retro-platform” (like recalbox, retropie, lakka)?


    1. Hi Alfonx,

      Rest assured, this bag is always the first one which gets packed when we travel 🙂
      I do not use Lakka for Amiga or C64, so I have no experience in setting up these systems. I mostly use consoles from the 8/16 Bit Era. As for MAME you have to make sure to use the correct romset, this is very important. MAME2003 uses a different romset than MAME2010. I recommend FBA for the “Arcade” Experience on the Raspiberry.

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