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Sonos mam Google Assistant stéieren via Home Assistant

Sonos ass un sech eng super Saach, einfach ageriicht, einfach ze gebrauchen an e gudde Sound, just blöd dass et fir de Moment just eng Integratioun fir Amazon Echo  gëtt, a keng fir Google Assistant. De Sonos kann een  also nëmme via Alexa (Amazon) mat der Stëmm stéieren (“Alexa, spill AC/DC um Sonos”). Google User mat hirem “OK Google / …

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Xiaomi Mi Box IR Codes

The Mi Box is a wonderful piece of Hardware. It comes with a Bluetooth Remote Control, and has also a built-in IR-Receiver. I’ve been looking to use my Broadlink RM Mini to remote control the Mi Box (via some nice Automations in Home Assistant). As I did not find the Base64 encoded codes on the …

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Home Assistant – Troubleshoot Configuration Files and Real-Time Logs

Working with Home Assistant (HA), and especially it’s yaml files, chances are that you have done a little edit that caused  HA to stop working. Within the Graphical User Interface (GUI)  there’s a possibility to verify configuration files, but I ‘ve seen it confirm my files, but yet the HA server didn’t come back up …

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Home Assistant: One-click System Check with color light

Home-Assistant System Check Message

  Goal One button launches a Home Assistant script which checks if all Doors / Windows  are closed and  all Lights are turned off, and sends a message containing the name of the open sensor . Finally a Light is turned on with a specific color code: The button can be  a “virtual” switch inside …

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Home Assistant – Plot a Graph with Object’s Attributes

  Intro Home Assistant is a great Home Automation Software. It provides features and benefits that surpasses the software provided by the Hardware Manufacturers by far. One such example are my TP-Link HS110 Smart WiFi Plugs with Energy Monitoring. The provided App by TP-Link (Kasa) is limited: only one Smartphone or Tablet can manage the …

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