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Installing Unifi SDN Controller on ARM Devices (Odroid, Rpi …)

In this article you will read about the steps necessary to install Ubiquit’s Unifi Controller on a Single Board Computer (SBC) like a RaspBerry Pi , Asus TinkerBoard or Odroid Xu4.

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Amp oder DAC? Low-cost Spotify & Internet Radio

Bau een Internet Radio an Spotify Client mat e puer alen Lautsprecher, engem Raspberry Pi Zero an Volumio.

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Building the Best WiFi Network at Home with Ubiquiti’s Unifi Products

  The Problem Up until recently, I had accumulated 3 Access Points (AP’s for short) in my Home for my WiFi Setups: AVM FritzBox in the Basement (for the occasional Netflix Session on the Cross Trainer) D-LINK DIR-615 in the Living room Linksys WAP54G in the Bedroom (when being sick in Bed) For best performance, …

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Lakka – Optimal Video Settings for 240p

I recently got a Pi2Scart and I’m very happy with it. After enabling 240p, the games looked clean and crisp like never before. However, with Lakka’s default settings, there were some disturbing vertical lines when scrolling occurs This is especially noticeable in Wood Man’s Stage in Mega Man 2 on the NES. So I tested …

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Pi2Scart – RGB Video for Raspberry Pi

It’s 2017, and everyone is excited about 4K Gaming, except a few fellows who enjoy “Retro” Games. People like myself enjoy Games from the NES/SNES Era, when the optimal resolution was 240p. With today’s standards, we expect modern Hardware  (like the Raspberry Pi) to output video via a digital interface (HDMI) in 1080p (FullHD) minimum. …

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Traveling with my Media-Center / Game Console

Since Childhood, I loved to take my GameBoy on Holiday Trips to enjoy Video Games. This hasn’t changed much, except now I’m also taking my Music and Movie Libraries with me. The Raspberry Pi is a wonderful piece of Hardware to do exactly this. I have 2 micro SD Cards, one is setup with Lakka …

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ManageEngine AD Self Service Plus Custom SMS Gateway

We have been using ManageEngine’s AD Self Service Plus for years at work. It’s a great tool for a BYOD environment which reminds user of expiring passwords and allows resetting / unlocking expired passwords. After recently reading this great How-To about how to set up a Raspberry PI SMS Server, I thought to myself this …

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Classic NES Mini Alternative – Raspi3 running Lakka with 8Bitdo Controllers

Now that the NES Classic Mini is officially available and sort of unavailable due to high demand (or artificial shortage by Nintendo ?), it’s interesting to know of the possible alternatives. One that I have been using for over a year now is a Raspberry PI running Lakka, with a pair of the excellent 8Bitdo’s …

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