Classic NES Mini Alternative – Raspi3 running Lakka with 8Bitdo Controllers

img_0075Now that the NES Classic Mini is officially available and sort of unavailable due to high demand (or artificial shortage by Nintendo ?), it’s interesting to know of the possible alternatives.

One that I have been using for over a year now is a Raspberry PI running Lakka, with a pair of the excellent 8Bitdo’s Wireless Controllers NES30Pro and SFC30


In Comparison, here is what both systems have to offer :


NES Classic Mini Lakka / 8Bitdo
# of games 30 1000+  depending on storage (uSD Card)
setup Works out-of-the box

Needs PC to setup

Additional commands to pair wireless Controllers (one time action)


Cable way to short

Press button on console to access menu

Cover Box Art

Wireless Controllers supported

Joypad Button Combo (or PS / XBox Button on supported Controllers) to access menu

Cover / Screenshots available

save states 4 save states per game, with Screenshots

10+ savestates per game, no Screenshots,

Undo actions (undo save state, undo load state)

Display Shaders 3, very easy to use Tons of available presets, not easy to find the best suited
Misc. Features Scans of original Manuals available Retroachievements, Rewind Gameplay
Pricing ~80 – 90 € for 2 Players incl. Power supply ~ 140€ for 2 Players incl. 32GB staorage, HDMI and Power supply


For me personally, the choice is quite obvious. I’ll continue using Lakka. If you have ever tried an 8BitDo Controller, you’ll never want to use another controller again. They touch and feel like the original Controllers you used to play with back in the days.


Lakka Tips 'n Tricks
  •  For a better performance and smoother Gameplay, disable Vsync :
    Settings -> Video -> Vsync 


8Bitdo pairing tips
  •  Clear previous Pairing Information: 
    • SFC30 : Press and Hold “Start” Button for >4s
    • NES30Pro : Press and Hold reset-8bitdo-pairing-button until both LED flash with Color
  •  Every Joypad mode has it’s own Blueteooth Mac Address, keep that in mind when pairing  
  • To enable automatic reconnection of 8Bitdo Controllers, follow the guide at , but issue the command :

pair <device_addr>
Wait for the “pair success message” and then continue with “connect <device_addr>”.

  • The config file for 8BitDo SFC30 (Power Mode) Joypad  integrated in Lakka is faulty (at the time of writing). Buttons are mapped in the wrong way. While I’m sure it will be fixed with the next release, here is the fixed Config file availabale to download. (simply copy it to the network share \\lakka\joypads\udev)

8Bitdo SFC30 GamePad Joystick (363.0 B, 404 downloads)


Links :

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