Build your own DVB-T Antenna

During our move into the new House we were litterally cut off Civilization, no Phone, no Internet no TV. This was especially boring as we were tired late in the evenings and wanted to watch TV.

Luckily for us, we have a Samsung PC Monitor with Built-in DVB-T Tuner. Unfortunately, Quality of DVB-T Signal was fairly poor. We had to come up with a Solution (buying such an Indoor Antenna would have cost us about 25€, just for a week usage…), and we finally managed to build a custom Indoor DVB-T Antenna.

Here’s the recipe :

  • Hanger (not made of Wood or Plastic)
  • TV or Monitor with built-in DVB-T Tuner
  • Bit of Copper Wire (~ 50-60cm)
  • Coaxial Cable (to connect to TV)

Strap the copper Wire around the Hanger, and form the rest of the Wire like a Snake. Connect the Coaxial Cable to the Hanger, and there you go, you have a functional DVB-T Antenna.

wire-hanger pluselektrokabel




We even had some HD-Channels available for watching 🙂

One week later, we finally got our Cable-TV Setup at the new house. (and we enjoy even more HD-Channels )

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  1. this is awesome, thanks :)) now I have to find a steel hanger a wire and a cable… or I just buy a cheap dvb antenna on ebay 😉

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