Lakka – Optimal Video Settings for 240p

I recently got a Pi2Scart and I’m very happy with it. After enabling 240p, the games looked clean and crisp like never before. However, with Lakka’s default settings, there were some disturbing vertical lines when scrolling occurs

This is especially noticeable in Wood Man’s Stage in Mega Man 2 on the NES. So I tested which were the best Video Settings in Lakka to have the best experience.

2 Setups are working fine:

“Pixel Perfect” Mode

Here are the Settings  Video :

Aspect ratio Index 1:1 (PAR 4:3)
Windowed scale 1.0
Integer scale ON
HW Bilinear Filtering OFF
Threaded Video ON
Vsync ON


“Full-Screen” Mode

Settings  Video :

Aspect ratio Index Core Provided
Windowed scale 3.0
Integer scale OFF
HW Bilinear Filtering ON
Threaded Video ON
Vsync OFF


Personally, I prefer the “Pixel Perfect” Mode, as the Image is a tick clearer and more crisp.

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