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Moonlight vs Steam Link

I looked for a solution to stream PC Games to a Raspberry Pi instead to a Steam Link Device. Here ‘s my quick comparison between the Steam and the Moonlight Streaming Solutions Overall best Solution : Steam (Link) The choice is mainly due to it’s Hardware independence and the better controller remapping process. I’ve had …

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Steam – Forgotten Gems 1

I have a lot of Games in my Steam Account. So many that I sometimes forget older titles I really liked to play. Parsing through my Steam List, I usually find tons of great Games I once liked to play. So here are a few of these forgotten Gems : Colored Game Title link to …

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Steam – Hidden Gems 1

Here are some games which flew under the radar and did not get the love they deserved. Colored Game Title link to Steam Game Page. (Not affiliated)

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Steam Link Review

After 1 Week of testing and playing around with the Steam Link, here are my thoughts and some fixes. Unboxing                   What’s in the Box ? Steam Link (obviously) Network Cable HDMI Cable Power Adapter with various country specific adapters Instruction Sheets Connecting and setting up the …

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