Moonlight vs Steam Link

I looked for a solution to stream PC Games to a Raspberry Pi instead to a Steam Link Device. Here ‘s my quick comparison between the Steam and the Moonlight Streaming Solutions

MoonlightSteam (Link)
Overall best Solution : Steam (Link)

The choice is mainly due to it’s Hardware independence and the better controller remapping process. I’ve had way less trouble with Steam(link) than with Moonlight. Granted, with Moonlight you can enjoy your PC Games on a mobile device, but that needs a controller setup which can be troublesome.

I also recommend spending a few bucks  on the “Controller Companion App“. This tool that saved me a few trips to my Gaming Rig in case the game lost focus during start-up. It allows you to “alt-tab” back in the game with the press of a few buttons on your controller.


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