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As a NES enthusiast, I got myself a copy of the “NES PAL-B Price Guide“, published by 2 NES Collectors known as “NES Commando” (which I recommend to any NES Collector out there!)

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I’ve bought and sold many games over the past few years, and this guide allows me to keep track of current prices of NES PAL Games. So I asked myself, how much has the value of games changed over the past few years?


After comparing the Prices in the Guide and some of the prices I paid, I put together a table for reference using an average price taken from the price range in the guide.

Let’s find out how the prices of NES Games have changed over the past years!
Box ShotGameBoughtPaidRarity IndexPrice Guide% IncreaseSpan in Years
A Boy and His Blob20123,00€5/56,00€100,00%5
Batman CIB201315,00€5/530,00€100,00%4
Bionic Commando20134,00€4/516,50€312,50%4
Blaster Master20103,50€4/512,50€257,14%7
Bucky O Hare201533,00€4/545,00€36,36%2
Bugs Bunny Blowout20135,00€5/56,00€20,00%4
Castlevania CIB201227,00€5/550,00€85,19%5
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers20091,50€5/510,00€566,67%8
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 220107,80€3/552,50€573,08%7
Cobra Triangle20124,00€5/59,00€125,00%5
Darkwing Duck20104,60€5/516,50€258,70%7
Donkey Kong Classics20126,00€5/511,00€83,33%5
Double Dragon 220127,00€5/516,50€135,71%5
Dr. Mario20137,00€5/58,50€21,43%4
DuckTales 220096,99€4/532,50€364,95%8
Felix the Cat201216,00€4/542,50€165,63%5
Gargoyles Quest II201674,90€3/582,50€10,15%1
Ghost n Goblins201420,00€4/526,50€32,50%3
Gremlins 220154,00€5/58,50€112,50%2
Hammerin Harry201660,00€3/575,00€25,00%1
Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu201510,00€4/512,50€25,00%2
Kabuki Quantum Fighter20134,00€5/57,50€87,50%4
Kung Fu201310,00€5/57,50€-25,00%4
Legend of Zelda20098,00€5/532,50€306,25%8
Little Nemo - The Dream Master20123,50€5/510,00€185,71%5
Little Samson201475,00€2/5100,00€33,33%3
Mega Man201330,00€3/562,50€108,33%4
Mega Man 220128,50€5/522,50€164,71%5
Mega Man 5201239,50€3/585,00€115,19%5
New Ghostbusters 2201614,99€3/540,00€166,84%1
New Zealand Story201313,00€4/530,00€130,77%4
Power Blade20134,99€4/512,50€150,50%4
Probotector 2201525,80€4/540,00€55,04%2
R.C. Pro-AM20143,80€5/54,00€5,26%3
Rush 'n Attack20123,50€5/512,50€257,14%5
Shadow Warriors201313,80€4/512,50€-9,42%4
Snake's Revenge201315,00€4/515,00€0,00%4
Super Mario Bros. 220128,90€5/515,00€68,54%5
Super Off Road20135,00€5/57,00€40,00%4
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles20122,50€5/57,50€200,00%5
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 2201310,00€5/515,00€50,00%4
Tiny Toon Adventures20139,90€5/57,50€-24,24%4
Tom & Jerry201514,90€5/511,50€-22,82%2

Many Games have drastically increased in price over the past years. Especially notable are Capcom Titles, more specifically Disney Titles (Chip’n Dale 2 anyone?). Some other, like Excitebike have not increased a bit. I was very surprised that some games have even become cheaper, didn’t expect that to happen.

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