2 Things I don’t like in the new Zelda Game

The Internet is full of positive reviews for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. (and they’re right, the Game is brilliant)

After 30+ hours of playing this gorgeous Game, I can only list 2 things that I don’t like. It’s much easier to list my dislikes than to list the positive aspects of the Game, there’s too much great stuff going on.

Weapons break too easy


I hate this message

I’ve found such great and cool weapons, only to have them shattered into oblivion after a dozen enemies. I sometimes get attached to a weapon (it literally saved my ass several times, obviously you get attached to it) and I freak out and prepare for Good-Bye as soon as the words “Your <insert favourite Weapon name> is badly damaged




Motion-based Shrines


Driving me crazy

I play on Wii U, and I don’t get along with the motion controls, especially when solving a puzzle in a shrine. Is it me or why do I have the feeling that I do not move the object (i.e a Hammer or a labyrinth), but instead I move it’s surroundings. ? Also, I noticed that I have to be in a perfect 90° position relative to my TV (where the Wii U is) or else the movements don’t match. (I tilt left, and the thingie goes left-down…)




Don’t get me wrong, I love this Game, it’s such a brilliantly designed Open-World with such a freedom-focused game play. It’s the Zelda I imagined playing 30 years ago.

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