MacOS X 10.7 Inventory with OCS

apple-mac-os-x-10-7-lionThis small Workshop will help you setup the OCS Inventory Agent for Apple’s latest MacOS X Installment: Lion (a.k.a. 10.7)

It also works for older versions of OS X, just make sure to install XCode before you start.



Install XCode (available free of charge in the App Store in MacOS Lion)

open Terminal

sudo cpan

In CPAN Console:

(To make sure your CPAN is up-to-date:)

install CPAN
reload CPAN

Now let’s begin installing the prerequisites for the Agent:

install Digest::MD5
install XML::Simple (should already be up-to-date)
install Net::IP (should already be up-to-date)
install Net::SNMP
install LWP
install Mac::SysProfile
install Proc::Daemon
install Proc::PID::File
install Crypt::SSLeay

You can also group all the commands in a single one:

install Digest::MD5 XML::Simple Net::IP Net::SNMP LWP Mac::SysProfile Proc::Daemon Proc::PID::File Crypt::SSLeay

Download the agent here with a browser of your choice.

Unpack the Tar.gz in a terminal:

tar -xzf Ocsinventory-Agent-2.0.tar.gz

Change into the directory:

cd Ocsinventory-Agent-2.0
Perl Makefile.PL (There should be no error)
sudo make install

Respond to all questions (Agent, OCS Server etc…)

That’s it, your MacOS X Client should appear in your OCS NG Inventory.


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