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Pi2Scart – RGB Video for Raspberry Pi

It’s 2017, and everyone is excited about 4K Gaming, except a few fellows who enjoy “Retro” Games. People like myself enjoy Games from the NES/SNES Era, when the optimal resolution was 240p. With today’s standards, we expect modern Hardware  (like the Raspberry Pi) to output video via a digital interface (HDMI) in 1080p (FullHD) minimum. …

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Traveling with my Media-Center / Game Console

Since Childhood, I loved to take my GameBoy on Holiday Trips to enjoy Video Games. This hasn’t changed much, except now I’m also taking my Music and Movie Libraries with me. The Raspberry Pi is a wonderful piece of Hardware to do exactly this. I have 2 micro SD Cards, one is setup with Lakka …

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Retropie vs Recalbox vs Lakka

Which DIY Retro Gaming Emulation Distribution is the best suited for me? When you’re building your own Retro Gaming Emulation Box, at one point you have to choose which Distribution to use. Over the course of a few years I’ve used almost every DIY Retro Gaming Emulation Distribution and learned about their advantages and also …

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Classic NES Mini Alternative – Raspi3 running Lakka with 8Bitdo Controllers

Now that the NES Classic Mini is officially available and sort of unavailable due to high demand (or artificial shortage by Nintendo ?), it’s interesting to know of the possible alternatives. One that I have been using for over a year now is a Raspberry PI running Lakka, with a pair of the excellent 8Bitdo’s …

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Odroid XU3/4 Silent Fan Control in Lakka / OpenElec

If you are an owner of an Odroid XU4, you are probably annoyed by the noisy fan. In this workshop we will modify the behavior of an Odroid XU4 Fan. No Hardware Modification, only software tweaks are used. By default, the fan is always running at full speed and is pretty noisy. There is no …

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