Most Played Games in 2016

Here we are again, a year is coming to it’s end.

I wanted to share my most played Games in 2016 , as well as a short list of Games that surprised me the most this year. (You can call them Hidden Gem’s). This is not a “Best Games of 2016” List, because I do not have the time needed to play all the Games released in 2016.

Please keep in mind that my “Pile-of-Shame” is huge, and therefor you’ll probably notice that most games on this list have been released last year or even prior to that .

Maybe you’ll find a game or two in this list which you may have missed playing.

Colored Game Title link to Steam Game Page or Developper Site. (Not affiliated)


Most played (any systems)

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Best. Action-Adventure/RPG.Game ! Go for the GOTY Edition and experience 2 of the best Story DLC ever made.

Axiom Verge

If Nintendo doesn’t want to do classic Metroid Games anymore, someone else steps in and delivers the best Metroid-like Game I have ever played.

Batman Arkham Knight

Be the Batman! (with the Tumbler) Even if many people had Issues with this one, I had a blast playing it! A great conclusion of the Batman Arkham Trilogy (Leaving Origins aside …)

Just Cause 3
A great Open-World Game with lots of Stuff to explode. Where else can you ride a Plane and fire RPG’s ?
Mad Max
Another Open-World Game, this time set in the Apocalyptic World of Mad Max. The Game captures the Look ‘n Feel of the Movies, and provided me tons of fun driving around in my V8 looking for Upgrades.
Paper Mario Color Splash
Although Critics were pretty hard on this one, I enjoyed it playing it together with my son, helping out the (silly&dumb) Toad Rescue Squad.
Super Castlevania IV
It has been years since I played Super Castlevania IV. Now that I’m equipped with a Rasperry Pi running Lakka and a couple of 8Bitdo’s Bluetooth Controller I went back to play some old classics. I forgot how brilliant this Castlevanias Game was and sunk many hours into it.
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Even if I prefer it’s direct predecessor, Rise of the Tomb Raider gave me exactly what I was expecting, a great Action-Adventure packed Game.
Pharaoh Rebirth +
My favourite Genre has always been 2D Action-Platformers. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a 2D Action-Platformer like Pharao Rebirth+. Great Gameplay, great Leveldesign, great Soundtrack, everything about this Game is just….great !
The Deadly Tower of Monsters

Fire up your ray guns, crystal swords, and laser whips, and get ready for thrills and chills! With three incredible movie stars playing out decidedly B-level sci-fi exploits, Dick Starspeed, Scarlet Nova, and Robot will have you ready to jump off the side of the tower—right into adventure!

This game really caught me by surprise. A very fun Game!

Dirt Rally

Dirt Rally is the best Rally Simulation Game ever made. It’s really tough, but once you master the techniques, it becomes a rally dream come true. Think of it like the Dark Souls of Racing Games.


Discoveries of the year (Hidden Gems)


Bit Blaster XL

A great Asteroids-like Game! Very addictive and challenging Gameplay.

Bit Blaster XL Trailer :
Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser

70s giant robot anime-inspired side-scrolling shmup. If Goldorak had it’s Video Game, this would be it!

Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser Trailer :
Maldita Castilla EX

A great 2D Action-Platformer inspired by Ghost ‘n Goblins, by spanish Indie-Developer Locomalito. (From which many of these hidden Gems are from)

Although  a Freeeware version is available,I purchased the EX version to support the Developper.

Maldita Castilla Trailer :
The Curse of Issyos

Locomalito again, this time with an 2D Action-Platfromer inspired by Castlevania.

This game is released as freeware, but feel free to donate the very talented developer.

The Curse of Issyos Trailer :

Now this time Locomalito has had his inspiration from Gradius, and released an excellent 2D Shmup with a great Soundtrack.

As The Curse of Issyos, this Game is available as freeware from the developer’s Website.

Hydorah Trailer :


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