Wiz vs. Dingoo A320

I’ve been a proud owner of a GPH Wiz for over a year now, and been able to test it in every way possible.

When I bought it the Dingoo A320 was just beginning to become available, and I wondered if it would be better than the Wiz. Well I couldn’t hear all those “the Dingoo kicks the Wiz’s ass” trash talk anymore, and decided to get a Dingoo for myself.

So far I’ve been quite impressed with the Dingoo, although there are a few showstoppers that make the Wiz my preferred Open-Source Handheld.

Here’s my final comparison report :




vs. dingoo-a320Dingoo A320
Boot Time not-good good
Ergonomics good good
Look’n Feel *1 not-good good
Compatibility *2 good not-good
Display good not-good
Buttons not-good good
Emulation *3 good not-good
Battery good good
Touchpad good not-good
FM Radio not-good good
TV-Output not-good good
Price not-good good


*1 Look’n feel:

The Dingoo has uniformly designed Emulators, they all have the same Button-shortcuts to enter / exit menus etc..

*2 Compatibility:

I found that some games (i.e Super Punch Out) are not working with native Dingoo-Emulators, which is a no-go for me. Check out a complete liste at http://a320.bluwiki.com/go/Non-Working_Games

Solution to this problem is to install Dingux, a Linux OS which runs it’s own Emulators. But in Dingux, every Emulator has it’s own Button-Shortcuts, which isn’t as user-friendly as with the native Dingoo-Emulators.


This has been fixed by Lion_Rsm, with his awesome Dingoo Emulation pack

*3 Emulation :

Some games (mainly MAME stuff) runs definitely better on the Wiz. Don’t know if it’s Software related , but there is a difference. Also, GameBoy (Color) Emulation looks definitely better on the Wiz.

Although the Dingoo scores better on that fact sheet, i still prefer the Wiz. It has a better Display, and the overall Emulation performance is a bit better than on the Dingoo.

It’s the compatibility issue which makes me stick to my Wiz.

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