Hama Beads Design Creation Workshop

In this small tutorial I’ll show you how to turn your favorite Game Characters into classy Bead Designs.

First off, it’s easy to start with an 8Bit Game (i.e. NES), as these systems offer a low resolution and have a smaller color palette than 16Bit Games.

Fire up your favorite Emulator. (and have some fun while you’re at it)

Please make sure that you own the game that you’re emulating…..just saying 😉

Make sure not to use any image enhancements (filters, scaling etc..)

Video Preferences FCEUX

FCEUX Video Settings















Grab a screenhot (F12 in FCEUX NES Emulator)

Screenshot from Super Mario Bros. 3 in FCEUX

Now it’s time for post-production.

Use your favorite photo editing software ( I personally would recommend paint.net for beginners, and the GIMP for advanced users)

First, you want to crop the part of the image that you want to recreate with beads.

Tip : Start with a small image, around 30×30 pixels. (that’s about the size of a regular Hama Pegboard)

If your image is large, try to resize it before editing. (multiple values of 30 are good)

Next, zoom in until pixels become largely visible

Now you see every pixel

Now use the pencil (1pixel size) tool to outline the object of your choice with a noticable different color than the object.

Pencil Settings in GIMP

Pencil Settings in GIMP


Clear the rest out with a larger brush or higher pencil size :



Hint :

For a better visibility, use the Grid Overlay in Gimp :


GIMP -> Menu View -> Show Grid

















If display looks like this, you’ll need to adjust the grid size to 1 pixel.
















GIMP -> Menu Image -> Configure Grid


















Set Spacing to 1 pixel for Width and Height:

Configure Grid_053

Now it should look like this.


Much easier for placing the beads!


With a little patience, the result will look like this :


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