Best Games of 2013

As I already did back in 2012 , here’s my personal favorite games of 2013.

It’s hard to figure a “Game of the Year”, but these are the Games I enjoyed the most :

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider reboot, shall I say more?







Guacamelee! is a Metroid-vania style action-platformer set in a magical Mexican inspired world.



Zelda Link between Worlds



Assassin’s Creed 4





Luigis’ Mansion 2



Donkey Kong Country Returns 3d



Ducktales Remastered













Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures





Batman Arkham Origins







Mighty Switch 2




Bioshock Infinite






Call of Juarez Gunslinger






Rayman Legends




Compared to 2012, my PC Games collection has literally exploded. I blame Steam and their very attractive Summer / Winter Sales where I picked up a great numbers of games for a very reasonable price.

Now, this is what GCStar tells me what my collection looks like:



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