Master System 50/60 Hz Mod (w. Switch)

Recently I had a spare Switch and a little time, and got inspired to pull off a 50/60Hz  Mod to the Master System on the german circuit-board.

I know there’s also a switchless mod, but I didn’t have the needed parts at hand.

Also, the SystemBoard in my Master System was already (factory)-modded. Turned out I had a french RGB Model, which uses an NTSC Board which is forced to PAL 50Hz output.

It’s a very easy to do modification. Even easier than the Mega Drive Mod, because you have much more space to put your switch.
All you need is 3 wires, a cutter, and a on-on switch.

Games play much better in 60Hz, the image is bigger, sound and speed are about 20% faster than PAL mode.

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