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Garage mam Auto opmaachen

Firwaat? De Goal vun all Automatisatioun ass et fir Ofleef déi ee reegelméisseg widderhëlt vu Maschinne maachen ze loossen.  Een Oflaf dee mech all Dag nervt ass d’Garage opzemaachen: Mam Auto an der Afaart stoen ze bleiwen De Garagen Ëffner ze sichen Fluche wann deen Dreck’s Ëffner mol erëm ënnert de Sëtz fält Waarde bis d’Garage op ass Doropshin hunn ech meng Garagë Paart  eng …

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Sonos mam Google Assistant stéieren via Home Assistant

Sonos ass un sech eng super Saach, einfach ageriicht, einfach ze gebrauchen an e gudde Sound, just blöd dass et fir de Moment just eng Integratioun fir Amazon Echo  gëtt, a keng fir Google Assistant. De Sonos kann een  also nëmme via Alexa (Amazon) mat der Stëmm stéieren (“Alexa, spill AC/DC um Sonos”). Google User mat hirem “OK Google / …

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Xiaomi Mi Box IR Codes

The Mi Box is a wonderful piece of Hardware. It comes with a Bluetooth Remote Control, and has also a built-in IR-Receiver. I’ve been looking to use my Broadlink RM Mini to remote control the Mi Box (via some nice Automations in Home Assistant). As I did not find the Base64 encoded codes on the …

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Home Assistant – Troubleshoot Configuration Files and Real-Time Logs

Working with Home Assistant (HA), and especially it’s yaml files, chances are that you have done a little edit that caused  HA to stop working. Within the Graphical User Interface (GUI)  there’s a possibility to verify configuration files, but I ‘ve seen it confirm my files, but yet the HA server didn’t come back up …

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Home Assistant: One-click System Check with color light

Home-Assistant System Check Message

  Goal One button launches a Home Assistant script which checks if all Doors / Windows  are closed and  all Lights are turned off, and sends a message containing the name of the open sensor . Finally a Light is turned on with a specific color code: The button can be  a “virtual” switch inside …

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Home Assistant – Plot a Graph with Object’s Attributes

  Intro Home Assistant is a great Home Automation Software. It provides features and benefits that surpasses the software provided by the Hardware Manufacturers by far. One such example are my TP-Link HS110 Smart WiFi Plugs with Energy Monitoring. The provided App by TP-Link (Kasa) is limited: only one Smartphone or Tablet can manage the …

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